Building a New Home

New Home Construction in Sarnia Lambton

Building a new house is probably the biggest investment a person can make in their lifetime. Step 1 - DO YOUR HOMEWORK ! You need to find a builder that will have your best interests at heart and provide you with top quality results.

There are several builders here in Lambton County and they all differ in many ways. So with so many builders to choose from, you want to make sure you do all your homework properly and that your best interests are being looked after.

The purchase of a new home can be confusing and often overwhelming. With numerous builders offering dozens of plans and hundreds of options, how do you figure out who's offering the best overall value? You do your homework!

Find a Professional Realtor to help you though the home building process:

Along with new home construction and choosing the right builder you should also be looking for the right realtor. Sales Representatives are not only there to help but you should definitely have someone looking out for you and your best interests & to act as a buffer between you and the builder you choose.  Thinking negotiating without a realtor may help you get that dream home for cheaper ...Think again!  ie "Hidden Costs" that many builders don't tell you about, too low allowances that hugely effect your end budget.   Allow a professional realtor with their experience and professionalism take those fears away and provide you with the kind of information, representation and dedication that you truly deserve when building your dream home!

Other Things to Consider when shopping for a Sarnia Builder:

Is the builder registered with Tarion New Home Warranty? Is the builder registered as an Energy Star builder for new homes? Who is on the builders team? Is it a one man show or is there a specific designer, project manager. Are they willing to customize a floor plan for you or do you have to choose a pre-existing design with minimal changes?  Do they outsource their designs? If so to which company?

How can Prices/Quotes variety so much between builders ?

Don't all builders use the same materials? ( brick, stone, cement, lumber, vinyl windows, roof shingles, etc.) Are all they're mark ups different? How is it possible to get so many different prices for the same size home?

Below are the major factors that can influence the price of your new build:

THE LOT PRICE - lots prices vary even within the same subdivision, based on size & desirability.  

FLOOR PLAN - how many window & doors, roof style & pitch, interior heights, number of bedrooms & number of bathrooms, square footage, etc.

ALLOWANCESall most all builders in Sarnia give an allowance for categories such as: kitchen, flooring, lighting, landscaping. Some builders may keep prices low by including unreasonable allowances that create cost overruns in the end. Are these prices based on low-end & basic styles?

FEATURES of the Home - does the price include engineered floor joists, a dishwasher and/or any other appliances, what size trim is the builders standard? what dacor plugs & switches, upgraded interior & exterior doors are their standard? is there a laundry tub & cabinetry in the laundry room? a drywall & painted garage? are the interior basement walls waterproof wrapped? is there a H.R.V. system, a tankless hotwater system or a regular sized water tank? what kind of railings are the builders standard? are there steel bar reinforcement in concrete basement floors, driveways and sidewalks ? 

TRADES/SUBCONTRACTORS a builder is only as good as his sub-contractors he hires. Sometime trades people have worked with the builder for many years & that speaks volumes. In almost all areas builders can hire lesser expensive trades people, in order to cut costs but its important to find out the quality and finish of the product will be NOT be compromised. While doing your homework ask the builder about how long have their trades been with them? And then ask your builder for a list of all their trades at the time of making the deal.  (they will most likely not hand you that list before a serious offer is being discussed, builders value their trade workers) 

THE BUILDERS PROFIT - yes of course there is definitely a pay cheque for the builder in the end. In some cases, builders may cut corners or charge inflated prices for extras in order to increase their bottom line. And you know who's going to help you see/point out those things? A REALTOR ! Most experienced realtors that have dealt/worked with builders are quick to point out those features & finishes.  All extras are almost without exception always added to your final bill. Some builders consider extras standard features in their homes but remember quality should never been an option in building your dream home.


If you're looking for a Sarnia Real Estate agent to help you with your building process & help you get a combination of the best price, quality and overall value...Call Shana Fellows Today !